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Nose to Tail Pork Processing: Whole Hog Processing on the Homestead


October 22, 2020
Thursday, 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Online.
Fee: Sliding scale, $15-$50.

Free of charge for Journeyperson program participants and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color).
Scholarships also available: [email protected]


This virtual event is being held as an alternative to our annual Nose to Tail pork processing event. We will share how-to video filmed by MOFGA this fall that demonstrates whole hog butchery and further processing, and Jason Tessier (of MOFGA and Tessier's Farm) and Eric Rector (longtime MOFGA supporter, cheesemaker and pork processing expert) will be joining the live webinar for conversation and Q&A. Tune in to see visual demonstrations on video and bring your questions about how to humanely and efficiently process a pig on your farm.

Video recordings:

• Processing a Hog: Jason Tessier demonstrates the slaughter and breakdown of the carcass as well as how to make all major cuts. He'll discuss equipment and best practices if processing a pig on a backyard or homestead scale, although the video was recorded at his small on-farm butcher shop. Carrie Tessier shows how to cure and smoke bacon and hams, prepare fresh sausage and more.

• Further Pork Processing: After raising a pig well, it is our goal to waste as little as possible. Eric Rector takes inspiration from cultures around the world to use "everything but the squeal" in the kitchen, and shows us how to preserve and utilize a wide range of pig parts in this video.  Learn how to use almost everything in your pig – from the head to the feet, heart, spleen, lungs, fat, skin, ears and liver – to make incredibly tasty dishes.

Also included: a recipe packet with over 20 recipes for items to make using the whole hog.

Contact [email protected] with questions.

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