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Pollinator Resources

Pollinator Resources

Protect Fruit Trees from Voles

November 5, 2015

To avoid losing a young fruit tree, place vole guards around trunks before the first snowfall, says MOFGA's organic orchardist, C.J. Walke. This barrier prevents voles from eating the bark. Spiral plastic guards wrap around the tree trunk but must be removed in spring, since they can harbor insects and diseases if left. Plastic or metal mesh guards are loose fitting and can stay on year-round as long as you can enlarge them as the tree grows. For more about fall orchard care, see Walke's article "In the Orchard: Get Ready for Winter."


Trap Apple Maggot Flies

June 11, 2015

The Fedco Trees catalog describes a "nifty apple maggot trap" made by Maine grower Don Johnson and now by others that can help reduce apple maggot damage. Drill a hole in the top edge of an 8- x 11-inch piece of plywood, paint the plywood bright yellow and paint a 2- to 3-inch red spot in the center. Coat the trap with Tangletrap. Hang up to three traps per tree, at chest height, in mid-June. Remove any foliage that might stick to the trap. Scrape traps and reapply Tangletrap now and then. Remove traps around Labor Day.