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Pollinator Resources

Pollinator Resources

Resources to Support Our Pollinators

Pollinators are essential to our ecosystems and our food system


Here’s how you can support native pollinators in Maine:

  • Protect bees from pesticides by limiting or eliminating pesticide use in your garden
  • Provide bees with a sustained food source in your garden by planting a bee-friendly variety of plants that bloom at successive times throughout the season
  • Create bee habitat by providing nesting areas for bees
  • Buy local and organic food to support farmers and producers who use bee-friendly practices
  • Support MOFGA and all the work we do at the state and national level to legislate for change and increase the number of organic farms! Donate to MOFGA today.
  • Please SIGN OUR PETITION TO PROTECT POLLINATORS by banning neonicotinoid pesticide use in Maine.

Maine Bumble Bee Atlas
The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife created the Maine Bumble Bee Atlas to marshal the efforts of volunteer citizen scientists from across Maine to greatly increase our knowledge of the status of the state’s bumble bees.

Pollination Reservoirs in Lowbush Blueberry
This study investigates the impact of planting pollinator reservoirs in lowbush blueberries.


Maine Wild Blueberries Pollinators
UMaine Cooperative Extension’s offers a variety of resources for wild blueberry pollinators.

Xerces Society Pollinator Conservation
The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation offers a wealth of resources on pollinator conservation.


Biological Control and Pollination Services on Organic Farms
This study reviews the impacts of organic farming on communities of natural enemies and pollinators, and the services they provide.

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