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How do climate change, migration and a deadly disease in sheep alter our understanding of pandemics?

September 3, 2020 – By Carson Vaughan, Ensia – For thousands of years, an unknown virus lingered quietly among the wild ruminants of South Africa. The kudu. The giraffes. The Cape buffalo. Spread by a genus of biting midges called Culicoides, the virus lived in harmony with its hosts, rarely causing disease, until the late 18th century, when farmers began importing purebred merino sheep from Europe.


Six Ways to Support Fall Monarch Migration

August 25, 2020 – By David Mizejewski, National Wildlife Federation – Each fall, monarch butterflies embark on an incredible migration to their wintering grounds. West of the Rockies, the population heads to the Pacific coast, where they gather in scattered roosts in the trees in central and southern California. The eastern population, which makes up the bulk of the monarch population in North America, travels from as far north as southern Canada down to a specific area in the mountains of Mexico called the Monarch Biosphere Reserve northwest of Mexico City. There they all gather at just a handful of roost spots at high elevation to wait out the winter.