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Polly Shyka of Villageside Farm in Freedom, Maine, leading a MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop in 2016

MOFGA's farmer programs are built on the principle that hands-on and peer-to-peer learning are the most effective ways to develop expertise, share innovation and grow the supportive communities of practice that farmers, gardeners and eaters need to succeed in building a sustainable food and farm system in Maine.

Our farmer programs include a broad array of workshops, trainings, conferences and community events throughout the year at our Common Ground Education Center in Unity and at other locations and farms around the state.

We are home to MOFGA's comprehensive New Farmer Training Program (which includes our Apprenticeship, Journeyperson, Farmer-in-Residence and Farm Beginnings programs), Low Impact Forestry Program, and Organic Orcharding workshops. We also collaborate with partners across the state and region to bring additional educational support, resources and networking opportunities to the MOFGA community.

MOFGA's farmer programs thrive thanks to the deep engagement of program participants, instructors, farmer mentors, volunteers, and other collaborators – as well as generous financial support from the USDA, a number of private foundations and countless individual supporters of MOFGA's educational endowment.