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Log in to Your Musical Garden

Video courtesy of Jennifer Morton

June 28, 2018

Jack Kertesz, MOFGA’s landscape coordinator, and Laura Sieger, MOFGA’s orchard coordinator, set up this cedar log xylophone (“or is it a logaphone?” asks Jack) at Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA – to the delight of all. Did you know that the word “xylophone” comes from the Greek words “xylon” (wood) and “phone” (sound or voice)? Make your own garden music by lining up dried logs of different diameters on a base of logs and 1" x 8"s (to keep the end logs from rolling off the two-log-high cradle) and cut short branches to use as mallets. Jack included these instructions: “Play with a partner and try and harmonize.” He says the cedar “was waiting to be heard.”

Watch a video of the cedar log xylophone at this year's Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA. Video courtesy of Jennifer Morton.

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