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Take Softwood Cuttings Now


June 26, 2015

This is a good time to take softwood cuttings of woody plants - especially of plants that root easily, such as elderberry, forsythia and willow. To take cuttings, snip about 5 inches of this year's growth that is green but firm, not "bendy." Place the cuttings in a container with drainage holes in the bottom, filled with a 1:1 mixture of moist perlite and vermiculite (available at garden centers). Cover the container loosely with a plastic bag and keep it in a shady spot. After a few weeks test the cuttings for rooting by pulling up on them gently. If you sense resistance, they've rooted. Dump them out of the container (or pry them out with a butter knife) and pot them in a growing mix. They should be ready to plant in the landscape by this fall or next spring. Here's an excellent article on the subject.

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