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Colorado potato beetle

Colorado potato beetle

July 14, 2016

Eric Sideman, MOFGA's organic crop specialist, reminds us that his past Pest Reports since 2006 are posted on the MOFGA website. "It may be worth your while to go back and look at the ones from the same time in years past," says Eric. "Mostly, pests are timely and can be counted on to return year after year at roughly the same time." Expected around this time of year: squash vine borer, Colorado potato beetle, potato leafhopper, cucumber beetle, imported cabbage worm, powdery mildew and squash bug.

The MOFGA Vegetable Pest and Disease Calendar, also compiled by Sideman, offers another way to anticipate the most common problems of vegetables in our area, and it provides the "most important organic solution" for each.

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