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Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management

The 2nd edition of the Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management is available, produced using funds from a grant to MOFGA from SARE. The book is organized by crop family, and covers pest and disease problems, cultural solutions and organic pesticide recommendations. In addition, there are chapters about organic pesticides with details about reported efficacy. The new book can be ordered or viewed as a pdf at:

The Pest Report is produced once every week or two during the growing season. It is a compilation of short discussions of pests and diseases either working the fields or soon to be seen. The discussions include biology of the pest organism, effects on the plant, and recommended solutions. Some of the pieces I write myself, some of them I pick up with permission from other crop advisors around New England and modify for organic growers. Often I learn about an approaching problem from folks in southern New England states where problems typically arise first, and I can pass on the warning to those of us up north anxiously awaiting arrival.
Many of the insects and disease are repeat offenders and appear every year around the same time. This is most commonly not a chance event. Rather, they have been holed up for the winter and somehow they receive a signal that it is their time to wake. Sometimes it is a chance event because some pests do not overwinter here and are simply at the mercy of the wind blowing them to our crops from the south or west. In any case, many of the articles may seem familiar because they, and the problems and solutions, are the same as last year. Many of the articles will be new because there may be some new solutions available, or sadly, because there are some new pests showing up in New England.

To quickly find information about a particular pest, Google the pest's name with the word MOFGA and the appropriate Pest Report will pop right up.

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