Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

To the editor:

There is a little detail in your article about permanent raised beds (March-May 2017 MOF&G) that is missing and about which I am very curious: How can Daniel Mays raise 500 laying hens, 500 broilers and 100 turkeys on pasture, as well as 50 heritage pigs and an unspecified number of lambs on what is apparently only 6 acres?

– Jonathan Mitschele

Daniel Mays Responds

I own 6 open acres (the heart of the farm) consisting of 3 acres of permanent raised beds, 2 acres of pasture where I run the 500 layers, and an acre around the house and barn. I also lease 5 acres of tree-lined pasture down the road where I run the meat birds and pigs. I have not raised lambs the last couple of years because I don't have enough pasture to raise an economical number of them.

Permanent Raised Beds