Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

By Beth Schiller, MOFGA President

The many folks who’ve farmed with me are familiar with my regular refrain about the dynamic nature of farming. We are building the visible and invisible health of the soil, an environment for sturdy roots and growth, while in the present moment the plant that we are nurturing above ground is always changing. Sometimes it is the environment or not-so-simple seed genetics that changes the leaf shape or fruit from what we may have expected. Sometimes as farmers we make a conscious choice to perhaps grow only flat parsley this year, and skip the curly.

I started farming almost 20 years ago, with the youthful idealism that farming was a great metaphor to engage other social, cultural and environmental conversations that I felt were important to be having in our community. I feel honored to now be at a point in my business when I can practice that same founding energy for attention to our community through production farming, also from the lens of being your board president.

MOFGA’s roots are incredibly healthy, and we are in a growth phase where the shape of our plant may be changing. I see this as a beautiful transformation that is opening us to greater diversity, equity and inclusion in our field. As always, the nutrition comes from all of us, and we all need to be present to the growth and needs of our MOFGA garden. I look forward to continuing to do this work with you.