Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

September 25, 26 & 27, 2020

If you’ve ever been to the Common Ground Country Fair, you know – and if you haven’t been, anyone who has will tell you – it's an event like no other, that brings together so many people from so many walks of life, all in the spirit of celebrating the rural and agricultural traditions of Maine.

A Healthy Visit to the Fair

The Common Ground Country Fair is delighted to be one of the most popular destinations in Maine each fall. Annually almost 60,000 visitors enjoy the Common Ground Country Fair. If you are planning on attending the Fair, we want to be sure that you have an enjoyable and healthy experience.

Most of the Common Ground Country Fair is held outdoors in the open or under cover in a tent or barn. You are sure to spend a lot of time outside and on your feet at the Fair moving from place to place. Please wear comfortable footwear.

We encourage all Fairgoers to be prepared for the elements to best enjoy a healthy and busy day at the Fair. Here are few items we recommend that you bring to the Fair:

  • Water bottles. Good hydration is key to enjoying a long day outside. We have clean drinking water available on-site and special bottle filling faucets in numerous locations available to refill bottles.
  • A hat, light raincoat or wind shell. Dressing in weather appropriate clothes and wearing comfortable footwear, such as sneakers, suitable for lots of walking are also advised. Late September in Maine can dish out a wide mix of weather. We want you to be comfortable no matter what the skies deliver.
  • A non-toxic sunscreen. When the sun is out there's more sun than shade on the Fairgrounds. Take care of that skin of yours.

If you are planning on volunteering and camping over night, or if you are an exhibitor camping on site:

  • At dusk and dawn if mosquitos are about, please take precautions to cover up and use non-toxic mosquito repellant. As our climate in Maine warms, mosquito borne illnesses such as E E E and West Nile Virus are now present throughout much of the state.
  • It's not uncommon for evening temperatures to drop considerably. Be sure to pack for cold temps and be prepared for frosts.

With all Common Ground has to offer as a safe and healthy destination, we're delighted you may be joining us. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Fair.