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Low Impact Forestry at the Fair


MOFGA's Low-Impact Forestry (LIF) Program offers a variety of demonstrations and woodlot tours during all three days of the Common Ground Country Fair. Fairgoers who park at the South parking lot enter the Fair through the Pine Gate, after having strolled through part of the MOFGA woodlot. You may hear the whir of the sawmill, catch a whiff of freshly-milled pine, or cross paths with teams of draft horses hauling logs through the woods.

Visit the Schedule page to view the many demonstrations and offerings that LIF showcases at the Fair. Under the tent, LIF offers talks on forestry-related topics such as how to: safely produce your own firewood; measure the carbon sequestered in your woodlot; choose a logger for a successful low-impact harvest; utilize pruning techniques to add value to your woodlot; measure damage from harvesting and storms, and; lay out and run a horse-logging operation. Out in the woods, participants have the opportunity to tour the woodlot, learn about chainsaw safety, witness demonstrations of logging with hand tools and directional felling techniques, and more. A favorite demonstration is the portable sawmill operation, which is set up to receive logs harvested on-site and hauled by draft animals (horses or oxen). The sawmill converts these logs into boards, sawdust, and slabs which are then used as building material for the barns and other buildings on the MOFGA grounds.

Curious to learn more? Grab a hard hat from the LIF tent and come see us in action!

For more information about the Low-Impact Forestry Area of the Common Ground Country Fair, contact [email protected]

To learn more about MOFGA's Low-Impact Forestry program, visit us here.

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