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Wednesday Spinners and Dye Garden

Two of the Wednesday Spinners in action in front of a dye garden planted by the Wednesday Spinners. John Williams photo

Two of the Wednesday Spinners in action in front of a dye garden planted by the Wednesday Spinners. John Williams photo

40 great years at Common Ground!

The Wednesday Spinners have been spinning together as a group at the Common Ground Country Fair since 1978. These gutsy Down East women spin every Wednesday at each other’s homes, sharing a pot of soup and lots of fascinating discussion. They are 25 spinners strong with years of experience to share with you.

In 2019, instead of offering demonstrations at certain times, they plan to demonstrate all manner of methods of working with fiber continuously throughout all three days. Please come to their tent and experience the fun and excitement of spinning and country life.

Some of their demos include:

• Choosing wool fleece

• Preparing wool fleece to spin

• Carding wool

• Spinning on a drop spindle

• Spinning on a contemporary wheel

• Spinning on CPWs (Canadian Production wheels)

• Spinning on the great wheel

• Spinning in the grease

• Preparing bast fibers, mainly flax, to spin

• Dressing a distaff

• Spinning bast fibers, mainly flax

• Knitting and crocheting

• Demonstrating antique flax wheels and walking wheels

• Dyeing animal and plant fibers with natural dyes

• Talking about world affairs while spinning up a storm

Please bring your wheel and join them for a fun-filled and educational three days at the Fair. They all love working with their hands and will be showing folks how to prepare and spin all kinds of animal and plant fibers.

Demonstrations will occur every day on the EarthLoom, a symbol planted in the ground, with the intention of  weaving together the fabric of community. At noon each day, Susanne Grosjean will walk you through our dye garden and talk about the various plants we use.

Throughout the Fair , all spinners – young and old, experienced and novice – are invited and encouraged to spin at the Wednesday Spinners Tent. Bring your wheel or drop spindle and some fiber to spin, and join in the centuries-old art of spinning together.

Cynthia Thayer
Wednesday Spinners Coordinator
[email protected]


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