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2017 Message from the Fair Director

September 2017

Try something new. With over 775 educational talks, panels and demonstrations, the Common Ground Country Fair offers fairgoers tremendous diversity. Make a point of journeying to a part of the Fair where you’ve never been, sitting in on a talk that piques your interest, or trying a new dish from one of our 40 food vendors.

It’s these moments of exploration and discovery that start new chapters in our lives, giving us a greater appreciation for those around us and for ourselves. Each and every fairgoer and volunteer has a story, amazing talents and something to contribute. This is what makes the Common Ground Country Fair community not only a place to connect to our roots but also a place to grow.

This year, many will be joining us for the first time as fairgoers, volunteers or exhibitors, while countless others will be returning. Come and be inspired and comforted by those around you. Only as a community of unique individuals can we grow, share ideas and support each other.

Thank you for being a part of the Common Ground Country Fair community.

See you at the Fair!

– April Bouchard


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