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April Boucher, director of the Common Ground Country Fair

April Boucher, director of the Common Ground Country Fair

September 1, 2018

The flood of information coming at us is amazing. We know what our friends had for breakfast; we scroll through 10-plus newsfeeds; we see pages of angry rants. It’s a lot.

In this time of copious information, I hear that many feel overwhelmed and disconnected. There is so much emotion and information in front of us that sorting through it all and understanding an issue can be hard. The frustration is palpable. We want to make the best decisions, to support each other and have all the facts, but rants and misinformation do not give us what we truly need. Like empty calories, they leave us feeling bloated and unsatisfied.

We crave more substantial communication – interactions that truly nourish us so that we can make informed decisions and feel grounded. We need the opportunity to truly listen and understand other points of view, to be understood and respected, and to find common ground.

These interactions are a cornerstone of the Common Ground Country Fair. Each year over 800 peer teachers, 2,000 volunteers and 63,000 fairgoers participate in the Fair. Even though reasons for attending vary, we are all looking for a connection. This is an opportunity to share and truly listen to each other. Our community is amazing, and everyone has so much to offer. Let this be the counterbalance to the flood of information and a chance to take part in a truly nourishing experience.

See you at the Fair!

– April Boucher
Director, Common Ground Country Fair

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