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Tristan Noyes

Tristan Noyes with Penny

Tristan Noyes with Penny

Executive Director of the Maine Grain Alliance and Co-Founder of Gromaine Organic Farm

Growing Together: Reaping the Rewards of a Passionate Interconnected Community

Tristan Noyes is the executive director of the Maine Grain Alliance (MGA), an organization fostering the revitalization of local and regional grain economies. The MGA seeks to preserve and promote grain traditions, from earth to table. The organization provides opportunities to learn and share how best to grow and use grains using a combination of traditional, innovative and sustainable techniques. The MGA promotes beneficial uses of grain to establish food independence, good health and purposeful jobs within economically viable communities.

Tristan and his brother Jon co-founded GROMAINE, an organic farm in Aroostook County that specializes in producing leafy greens, potatoes and ancient grains. The farm sells produce to a diverse array of restaurants, colleges, independent markets, farmers’ markets and mail-order customers.

Most recently Tristan has helped spearhead Taste Maine’s Future, an initiative focused on creating new sales channels for Maine food producers through education, storytelling and celebratory events.

In his talk Tristan will share inspiring stories of today’s passionate community members who are helping shepherd in a new era of organic collaboration. Collaboration across industries is strengthening the cluster of businesses across our region. Where one tiller of grain once grew, many more have sprung forth thanks to the sharing of knowledge and resources across our community. The result is a more bountiful harvest for each and every one of us.

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